Printed Card Formats & Costs

Card Stocks 

Premium Stock: 11.4-pt. thickness, 310 gsm black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler.

Embossed Stock: 11.0-pt. (280 micrometers) thickness, 320 gsm, black core card stock from German paper manufacturer Koehler. Embossed cards incorporate a subtle raised texture that creates air pockets for easier shuffling and dealing.

Small Poster: Glossy Deluxe 100# text paper. Square corners, single-sided. Folded once for shipment.

Card Print Costs

Our low-volume (base) per/card print costs are below. Or, go to our Card Print Cost Calculator to get base print costs and volume tiered discounts.

Low-volume (Base) Card Costs

Card Size

Premium Cost/Card

Embossed Cost/Card

US Poker (2.5” x 3.5”) $0.115 $0.14
Euro Poker (63mm x 88mm) 0.115 n/a
Mini (1.625” x 2.5”) 0.115 n/a
Tarot (2.75" x 4.75") 0.21 0.26
Tile (6” x 6”) 0.30 n/a
Tile (8” x 10”) 0.58 n/a
Page (8.5” x 11”, one-sided, uncoated) 0.45 n/a
Small Poster (12” x 18”, glossy 100# paper)



*All print costs are in U.S. Dollars (USD)

  • Minimum order quantity: 10 cards.
  • Decks of 10-60 cards are wrapped in a one-inch cellophane band. Decks larger than 60 cards are double-banded horizontally and vertically.
  • Due to banding equipment limitations, we discourage packs of 2-9 cards (this does not apply to posters). If you have a few card singles, you should prepare the files as separate 1-card PDFs. If you have a pack that is 7 or so cards, consider nudging that up to 10 cards.
  • Due to banding equipment limitations, we discourage decks larger than 250 cards. If you have a deck larger than this, consider splitting the deck and creating two print-ready PDFs.
  • Low-volume decks come with a production control card. This card allows for order tracking on our production floor. You are not charged for this card.
  • Shipping is additional. For rough low-volume shipping estimates, please visit here.

Tiered Volume Discounts

The discount tier is based on a single line-item’s total value (inclusive of low-volume per/card costs, tuckboxes, shrink-wrap, and/or deckboxes) and is calculated as follows. (The Card Print Cost Calculator offers helpful notations about the quantity needed to reach the next-highest discount threshold to increase your volume discount.)

Order Line
Order Line
Discount %
$150.00 5%
$300.00 7.5%
$600.00 10%
$900.00 15%
$1250.00 20%
$2500.00 25%
$5000.00 30%

*All print costs are in U.S. Dollars (USD)
**High-volume tiers changed as of Dec 1, 2023.
***For quotes in excess of 1000 poker decks, please inquire for pricing.

  • Each “line item” is a unique product in your order, regardless of the quantity of that item ordered. Whether you order 1 or 100 copies of that product in the same order, it is still one line item.
  • In an order with different products in different quantities (and thus different costs per line), each line item of the order might qualify for different levels of high-volume discount.
  • Order must ship to one destination.
  • No volume discounts for decks of 2 to 9 cards.
  • No volume discounts for 8.5" x 11" Screen Inserts or GM Screens.
  • The production control card is removed from each deck.
  • Small posters are treated as cards (1 poster = 1 card), except that poster titles containing 2 to 9 posters are allowed in volume orders.
  • Shrink-wrapping of with-tuckbox tiered volume orders available for $0.40/box.


  • You order 75 copies of a title’s 54-card Poker deck (Premium stock) + 54-card custom tuckbox. The low-volume (base) print cost is $8.86 [($0.115 * 54) + $2.65]. The total cost of that line item is $664.50. After the 10% tier discount is applied, the high-volume cost to you is $598.05 ($7.97/deck).

Card Finishes

Rounded Corners / Low-gloss, eco-friendly water-based AQ satin coating / Double-sided:
US Poker, European Poker, Mini, Tarot.

Square Corners / Low-gloss, eco-friendly water-based AQ satin coating / Double-sided:
Tile 6" x 6", Tile 8" x 10".

Square Corners / Uncoated / Single-sided:
Page 8.5" x 11". Lack of coating allows for gluing; intended for 3D model products.

Additional Details

  • No common card back or common border bleed color required.
  • No specific card multiple in a deck required. (For example, you do not have to print in 20-card sheet multiples. Your deck can be any multiple of a single promo card, a pack of 10 cards, 37 cards, 51 cards, 181 cards, etc.).
  • We offer high-quality, clear plastic deckboxes.
  • We offer custom-printed tuckboxes.


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