Estimated Shipping Costs

If you would like to generate the costs of your book with shipping and have a partner account, you can do so by following the steps below or in our Crowdfunding Basics article, under How to Determine Shipping for Several Countries.

For estimated shipping costs to our most popular destinations, see our DriveThru Customers Help Center.

Please note that most of the products available on our site are downloadable products.  Items that are available in print form will have a separate print option available on the product description page - all other products will be delivered via download.

You can see the exact shipping cost for your order by going through the checkout process and selecting a shipping address and a shipping method. The shipping cost will be displayed before you actually complete the order.

How to Determine Shipping for Several Countries

We’ve made it easier for you to get shipping estimates to most major destination countries for your crowdsourcing campaigns. You can now use the Send complimentary copy tool to upload the customer CSV file below to a “Group” and generate the current freight cost of shipping to your backers in each country. This CSV file contains the random residential addresses to the most popular locations of shipping print-on-demand rewards.

Our current implementation of this bulk ship cost estimator requires that you have a similar-sized book or card deck that is print-ready (i.e., one that has passed the printer's premedia checks) already present in your partner account before utilizing this process. (At some point, we plan to offer a dedicated tool that won’t require a print-ready book to function.)

  1. Download the CSV here: shippingcostcheck_ver9.csv
  2. Create a new Group here: importing the CSV file to create the group.
  3. Once the CSV is uploaded into Groups, you can navigate back to the Titles tab of the Complimentary Copy tool:
  4. Select the title(s) and format on which you’d like to estimate freight. 
  5. Select how many copies of each title, if applicable. Click Next
  6. Choose the new CSV group that you recently created under the Recipients tab. 
  7. Hit Next on the top right corner and wait for the system to calculate freight and for the payment page to load.
  8. You will now see the following page. You can toggle to show the shipping details on or off. By default, the details will be hidden. 
  9. On the right, you will see the estimated freight cost to that country. 
  10. If you do not plan on finishing, exit the tool and do not hit Review Order.

Notes on Freight Rates to Certain Countries


The freight rates for books (not cards) shipping into Canada can vary based on two factors.

The first factor is that there are roughly three groups of freight pricing within Canada based on region. These are provided as canada1, canada2, and canada3 in the example CSV file.

Canada1 includes Southern Ontario and Quebec.

Canada2 covers everywhere else in Canada except the more remote locations of Canada3, below.

Canada3 represents Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon.

The second factor is the carrier, which also then determines if Canadian customs are pre-paid or not. Books are printed in the US and shipped into Canada by two different carriers. Sending complimentary copies will automatically choose the less expensive carrier option.

The first carrier is regular post, handed off from USPS to Canada Post. This is usually the cheapest method for small, light book shipments to the Canada2 region and nearly all shipments to the Canada3 region. Recipients may be required to pay duty and duty-processing fees when receiving their shipments from Canada Post.

The second carrier option is Purolator (a Canadian parcel delivery company). This option is used for the majority of shipments into Canada. Under this option, part of the freight rate includes pre-payment of the 5% duty on imported books; however, this way, the books are cleared through customs so there is no duty or duty-processing fee due from the recipient at delivery.

To calculate this 5% duty and include it in the freight rate, our system uses the selling price you have set for your book(s) on site. This is why the freight prices you see estimated for Canada will often vary according to the total site price set for all books in your shipment.


Book freight estimates to Brazil tend to be high because only premium, trackable shipping methods are possible. Less expensive, untracked shipments to Brazil suffered high rates of being lost in the Brazilian postal service, so we ship only via trackable methods to Brazil.

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