Digital and POD Fulfillment

Digital Fulfillment

Use DriveThru to deliver your digital files to your backers:

  • It’s FREE!
  • We’re set up to handle thousands of backers.
  • Security. Every backer gets their own unique redemption code.
  • Backers appreciate it. Many backers already have accounts and digital libraries at DriveThru, and they appreciate having their new PDF added to their existing digital library.
  • Updates are easy. As your files go from alpha to beta to final, you can easily update the file and push new versions out to your backers.

Using the Complimentary Copy Tool

As soon as you’re ready to get your digital copies to your backers, you can use the Complimentary Copy Tool to send digital copies free of charge to your backers (they don’t need a DriveThru account already).

If you have a large number of backers, our Complimentary Copy Tool features the ability to paste in a list of emails or upload a CSV file your backers into a Group and then send to that Group.

For a detailed guide on how to use our Complimentary Copy Tools, see here.

POD Fulfillment


DriveThru is not responsible for replacing print-on-demand books or cards if the customer's address is incorrect for any reason. Please make sure to double- and triple-check addresses with your backers, or any replacements will be at the cost of the publisher.

We will, however, replace books that never reach the correct address, that were damaged in transit, or that are printed or bound incorrectly. 

No matter which option you choose, the price for POD fulfillment will include base print price + shipping.

  1. OLD Complimentary Copy Tool - Backers pay for shipping + print base price
  2. NEW Complimentary Copy Tool - You upload a CSV file of Backer information and pay for shipping + print base price in five simple steps.
  3. You order copies in bulk and Fulfill Backer Orders Yourself.

For estimated shipping costs for print products, see our Partner Help Center and Customer Help Center.

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