How do I sell Foundry VTT premium content on DriveThru?

This article relates to partners selling content built for Foundry Virtual Tabletop which uses Foundry's premium content protection system. For selling non-premium content see the note at the end of this article.

The process for integrating your title listing on DriveThruRPG (or other DriveThru marketplaces) with Foundry Virtual Tabletop's premium content protection system is this:

1. Reach out to Foundry Virtual Tabletop

Reach out to Foundry Virtual Tabletop ( to establish a Content Provider Agreement and work with them to configure your content on the servers. Specifically mention that you want to sell your content via DriveThru, and Foundry will issue you a Foundry VTT OBS Authorization Key. This Authorization Key is unique to you as a partner, and you will re-use this same key for each and every Foundry premium content title that you set-up on DriveThruRPG.
(If you already have premium content titles set-up with Foundry, simply contact them to be issued your Foundry VTT OBS Authorization Key.)

Each product on DriveThruRPG will correspond to a Package in the Foundry VTT ecosystem. Each package has a unique identifier, the Package Name.

2. Create Your Title

Go to your publishing partner account on DriveThruRPG or other DriveThru marketplace and set-up your new title as normal (or edit a title you've previously entered). Under "Optional Information," you'll find fields to provide your Foundry VTT Package Name (i.e., the Package Name from step 2, unique for each product) and Foundry VTT Authorization OBS Key (this is the same for all of your products). Enter the details into these fields to enable DriveThruRPG to sell premium content activation keys for your product.

3. Test Your Title

After completing the set-up of your premium content title, perform a test order through the marketplace and purchase the title yourself (it will be made free during checkout since it's your own title) to verify that the integration is working as expected. Do not make your title public for sale until you have completed a successful test purchase and received a Content Key during successful checkout or received notice that the content automatically unlocked in your Foundry account. (Note that if you are test purchasing into a Foundry user account that already has the same content previously unlocked, the new test purchase will not automatically unlock a second copy under your Foundry account.)

Foundry may charge you a service fee each time a purchase is made and a content activation key is generated. That fee is handled between you and Foundry Virtual Tabletop directly. When making your initial test purchases of your product (before making it public for sale on DriveThru's marketplace), if your premium module is already available for installation on Foundry VTT, then making a test purchase in this way will create a live content key for which Foundry will assess a fee (small as the amount is, we want you to be aware). If your premium module is still "pending" at Foundry, then test keys will be generated instead and there will be no fee.

On Selling Non-premium Content

Content that is designed for Foundry VTT but does not use their premium content system can be sold normally on DriveThru sites (except where not allowed under certain community content programs). Non-premium content could, for example, be sold as a simple PDF file that customers receive upon purchase and that provides the customer the manifest URL and instructions they need for retrieving the non-premium content.

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