Sales Tax Exemption on Customer and Partner Orders

Many States provide an exemption from sales tax in certain situations. For example, some customers are exempt from sales tax in some states by virtue of being an educational institution or government agency. More commonly, some customers are exempt from sales tax because they are bona fide resellers of the products they purchase (and are therefore not the end consumers of those products). This case might also include publishing partners who purchase products for the purpose of reselling them, perhaps at a gaming convention.

In order to qualify for sales tax exemption, the customer must provide a Resellers Exemption/Certificate from the state. In most cases, this is the state to which you want the product shipped. The Resellers Exemption/Certificate must show the customer's legal name and must be current (many states require renewing sales tax exempt status every one or two years.)

Provide the Resellers Exemption/Certificate to our Customer Service Team here (or partners can contact their Partner Services representative by submitting a request through our webform). If the Resellers Exemption/Certificate is in good order, we can credit the sales tax charged to your order back to your customer (or partner) account.

We currently do not refrain from charging the sales tax at check out; our systems will automatically charge the sales tax.

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