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The creation of new Community Content Programs are approved on a case-by-case basis, depending on the partner's history and sales for the specific line that they want to do the program for. You can contact Partner Relations by submitting a request through our webform to discuss the opportunity but we ask that you do not start the process until we have discussed it with you.

Update: As of 11/2/2022, we are currently not taking in more Community Content Programs. You're still welcome to reach out your representative to see if this has changed.

What are Community Content Programs?

Community Content Programs are programs that allow your fans to create content (cards, adventures and locations, new monsters, character classes, archetypes, and backgrounds, etc.) and release it on DriveThru marketplaces, earning you more revenue and giving your fans an official outlet for their homebrew work.

Roll20 | DriveThru administers the Community Content Programs under license from participating Partners. The operation of the program requires little on-going effort from partners as Roll20 | DriveThru handles frontline customer/creator service and publishing partners use marketplace tools to manage their content. Community-created titles go under your normal partner account and publishing share of earnings from sales on community content flow right into your partner account.

There are two types of Community Content Programs:

  1. RPG game system & setting based programs such as the DMsGuild program for D&D. More information on these programs can be found in our customer-facing guide. Information for creating such a community content program for your game can be found here.
  2. Card Creators which allows fans to create their own official-looking cards for their favorite board and card games (and roleplaying game card aids). An example is the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game card creator. If you have a popular game that could benefit from a card creator please email your Partner Relations Representative at and let's discuss.
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