Affiliate Program FAQ

Do you ever refer friends or fans to DriveThruRPG or any of our sister sites? If so, the Affiliate Program is for you! Participating in this program grants you rewards for doing what you already do. You will get store credit, which you can also cash out for real money.

Can I be involved in the Affiliate Program as a partner?

Yes! You may view this FAQ on DriveThruRPG directly here.

How do I sign up?

First, if you are a community content partner or a publishing partner and you have activated at least one paid title on our sites, then you are already an affiliate. You should have received an email about it already! Be sure to check your Junk folder if you missed it. If you have any questions, you can email for more information.

If the above doesn't apply to you (i.e., you aren't a creator or publishing partner), then create a DriveThruRPG account if you don’t already have one. Next, contact with the following:

  1. The email address you used for that customer account, and
  2. The URL and name of the website(s), blog(s), newsgroup(s), or other resources where you plan to use the affiliate links.

You'll receive an email back from us, usually within 2-4 business days, confirming your affiliate status. You must have your affiliate status confirmed before you will receive any credit.

Are there places we can’t use our affiliate links?

Your affiliate status is always subject to review or cancellation by DriveThru if we feel your use of a link or the site(s) on which you use it do not meet our standards and guidelines.

In addition, we expect that you will use your affiliate links in good faith to bring new traffic to DriveThru  marketplaces. You cannot use your affiliate links in a way such that other traffic that would already be bound for DriveThru sites is redirected through your affiliate link. This stipulation includes, but is not limited to, using your affiliate code on generic search engine ad campaigns such as Google Ad Words, or other online ad campaigns, to generate affiliate revenue by redirecting web traffic using any DriveThru brand as a keyword search.

Regarding Google Ad Words, you should not use "Smart Mode," as it will automatically select DriveThru marketplace names as keywords. We also ask that any search word marketing use DriveThru site names as negative keywords explicitly to avoid using branded DriveThru names as keywords.

Further, you cannot use your affiliate links in a way that suggests you represent or are employed by Roll20 | DriveThru, or that your links are in any way official Roll20 | DriveThru site advertising.


Affiliate IDs added to links within product descriptions on any DriveThru site, product page, or in a customer marketing email sent via publisher tools on site will automatically have their affiliate links disabled.

Are there any titles not eligible for affiliate links, or any other reasons my links may not be eligible?

Due to the nature of Roll20 | DriveThru's licensing relationship with Ulisses Spiele, affiliate links pointing to any titles on our domain are not eligible for affiliate earnings.

Please also note that we do not pay affiliate royalties for products you purchase through your own affiliate links.

How do I see how much credit I've accumulated?

Navigate to your Account. Your current account credit will be listed in two places:

  • Under your "Cart", above "Send Gift Certificate" and "Redeem Credits"
  • Under Account > Account Credit: $X.XX

If you currently do not have any account credit, you will not see these listed.

How do I get credit?

Simply refer people to DriveThruRPG by tacking on ?affiliate_id=[your affiliate ID] to any URL (or if there's already a ? in the URL, use & instead). Here are a couple of examples, although you'll insert your own affiliate ID as needed:[your affiliate ID][your affiliate ID]

You can paste your link into forum posts, use it in your forum signature, or use it as a link on your website if you have one. When someone comes to DriveThruRPG from one of these links, we'll know it's you that sent them! If they make a purchase within 15 days of coming to our site from one of your links, you'll receive:

  • Up to 5% of that purchase (excluding gift certificates) credited to your account or;
  • Up to 8% of that purchase (excluding gift certificates) credited to your account if you are a community content or publishing partner.

How do I use my credit?

When you check out, there will be an option above the credit card entry form that says "Check to use account credit." Simply check the box, and your account credit will be used for that purchase.  If your account credit completely covers the purchase amount, you won't need to enter any credit card information.

How do I trade my credit for real money?

Click on the "Redeem Credits" link in the "My Cart" box in the upper right.  Simply follow the instructions from there. You will be paid via a PayPal payment, so it will make the process go faster if you already have a PayPal account set up.

How much money do I get?

You can trade account credit in for 100% of its value, minus a $1 processing fee. So if you have earned $20 in affiliate credit and cash it all out, then you'll get $19 sent to you via PayPal

How can I find out about new offers and upcoming sales?

To make the most of the affiliate program, you’ll want to be aware of the newest bestselling titles and also upcoming DriveThru promotions. You can manage your publisher email contact options by specific publisher and also your Follow Your Favorite and Newsletter settings easily from your Account page.

Receiving publisher emails and our affiliate newsletter will give you insight into what titles to watch for, and therefore what ones you should share with your own readers.

What other tools do you have available for affiliates?

We have a variety of tools available on the Affiliate Resources page (you must be logged in to see them though), such as banners, RSS feeds, and a tool that will allow you to display our latest reviews from featured reviewers on your site.

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