I Have $0.00 Sale on a Title That I Did Not Authorize.

  • Our Partner Relations or Customer Service team may have needed to download the file to check it for problems.
  • A featured reviewer has received your title.
  • You sent complimentary copies to someone else (potentially quite some time ago) who has redeemed them.
  • The title was in Bundle of Holding and fulfilled through our site. To check this, click the "YES" radio button next to Display ONLY Bundle of Holding products in the Custom Report.


  • It's part of "Complete Your Bundle".
    • How "Complete Your Bundle" pricing works: If someone has already purchased a particular title from you, and then you offer that title at a reduced price in a bundle, then the customer would be able to purchase the bundle at a reduced price, with the "bundle price" of the already-owned item deducted from the total bundle price. For example, say I have Items A, B, and C that normally sell for $10 each, and then I make a bundle that offers all three for 20% off, with a total of $24 (i.e., $8 per title). If a customer had purchased Item B from me already, at the full $10, then if they buy the bundle, they would pay only $16 for it, i.e., receiving just Items A and C at their bundle price of $8 each. 

If you're not sure, please contact your Partner Relations Representative by submitting a request through our webform.

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