What Does the “Current Status” for My Print Book Mean?

Once you upload your print files to DriveThruRPG, they will automatically undergo premedia processing at our printer, Lightning Source, to verify the files. This typically takes 3-5 business days after uploading. You'll receive an email notification once they've been approved or rejected. For more details on the book printing timeline, visit The Basics of Book Printing article.

You can check the current status of your book at any time in your Publisher Hub under Book Printing > Upload and manage printed book files. Below are the current statuses your print book may have and what they mean! 

Print Status Notes
We have received your files but have not sent them to the printer The files are uploaded and will be sent soon. If this has been the status for a few days (3-5 business days), contact your representative.
In premedia | On Hold (Revise) | In revision | Product Unavailable (Rework) | Quarantined It’s in the premedia check queue with the printer. It should be ready to go soon!
Setup not complete Either you didn’t finish the process or you're missing an element like only uploaded the interior but not the cover.
Product Available | Approved | Available for Sale | Content is Approved for Production It's good to go! Now you're ready to order a proof.
On Hold [as opposed to On Hold (Revise)] Contact your representative so they can check with Lightning Source.
Canceled Something is wrong with the files where our printer won’t print it. Ask your representative what the next steps are.

Rejections will always have a note as to why. If you are unsure what your rejection note means, visit our Correcting Most Common Print Errors article for troubleshooting guidelines or contact Partner Relations by submitting a request through our webform.

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