Set Up a New Title or Edit an Existing Title Listing

To create a new title listing: Set up a new title

To edit a title listing: Edit a title listing

To batch edit titles quickly (available to verified partners): Batch edit titles

To upload a new file to an existing title: Update digital download files for a title

Set Up a New Title

  • If you have set up previous titles and the new title you are setting up is similar, select the previous title from the "Use Template" pull-down menu at the top of the page and click "Apply" to auto fill the Title Data. You can then edit the information to match the new title. If you do not have any previous titles entered, just fill in the info as the walk-through indicates.
  • Enter Title, Author(s), Artist(s), Number of pages, Download price, and Product page text (a description of the product).
  • For Cover Image: Click "Choose File," and select an image file to act as your book's cover. Images should be 736 x 953 pixels wide, in PNG, GIF or JPG format. For quicker load times, please try to keep their file size under 200kb.
  • Select the Category Assignments / Filters that best describe your product.  System Rules filter should be used for products that specifically use those rules. If your product does not require any rules system, select the Any System/System Agnostic filter.
    • If several genres would apply, choose "Other / Generic" > "Multi-Genre" rather than bloating the listing with multiple genre filters.
  • Source of PDF file should be "Electronic format" unless the product was scanned in, in which case choose "Scanned image."
  • Add a Purchase Note if you like. (to thank the customer, or to suggest another similar product of yours, etc.). The Purchase Note is delivered to all customers upon purchasing your product.
  • Click "Save Title Data and Continue to Preview Description."


Important Reminders

  • When you create one title listing, you can use that information (authors, product description, etc.) in a new title listing and auto-fill the necessary information if it is similar.
  • You can always toggle a title from Private > Public and Public > Private. If you are unverified, you will need to wait 2-3 business days for Partner Relations Representative to approve the title for you.
  • Once you publish your title listing to the public, make sure that the thumbnail of your cover is available. We want to make sure that your cover looks good as well, so covers with black text over a white background might not be the best choice. Here are some cover examples and guidelines.
  • Choose category filters that fit your title best. These categories and subcategories will help filter your title to be found in searches. Titles with the Any System/System Agnostic filters will appear in all game searches.
  • You may not include offsite links in the product description. An exception is titles that are only categorized under the "Publisher Resources," which may contain offsite links in their title descriptions. If you have questions, please contact your Partner Relations representative.
  • You can set a title to launch at a future date using the "Date product should be available for sale" feature. The title does not have to launch immediately.
  • Limit the amount of products you make public to 3 titles per 24 hour period. Our homepage ribbons are limited to 3 new products per publisher per 24 hour period, so submitting more than that limits the amount of visibility your title listing will receive.

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