Autopay Royalty Recipients FAQ

What kind of account do autopay royalty recipients need on DriveThruRPG?

Autopay royalty recipients do not need publishing partner accounts. A regular customer account on site is sufficient.

Recipients can redeem royalties and run reports from the Affiliate Credits section of the Account page.

How can autopay royalty recipients check their earnings balance and get paid?

Autopay royalty recipients can go the Account page on site and check the My Money section of the page to check their earnings balance and Get Paid.


There is a 30-day hold placed on all users from the time the money was earned (i.e., starting at the moment someone bought an item) before cash can be withdrawn. This is an intentional limitation.


The My Money section may not appear on the Account page until there is a royalty balance to display. Autopay royalties accrue in customer account balances (Account tab), not publishing partner earnings balances (Publisher Hub, under Publish tab).

If you are a royalty recipient and you have a publishing partner account you would like to transfer your royalties earnings to, see this article.

My royalty report and royalties received do not match. Why?

The most common reason why the amount of autopaid freelancer royalties a recipient received in the Affiliate Credits section of their customer account does not match the total on a freelancer royalty report is due to the timing of when the autopay freelancer royalty was set-up.

Autopaid royalties are calculated, deducted from publishing partner earnings, and credited to the freelancer's customer account in real-time when a sale is made. If the partner has not yet set-up the freelancer royalty when the sale is made, then the freelancer will get no credit on that sale.

Our database structure does not easily allow us to distinguish this when we query it to provide information in freelancer royalty reports. Therefore if you run the freelancer royalty report over a large span of time, the report assumes the current freelancer royalty rate was in place for every sale during that time period. For an example, see here.

How can I run a royalty report on DriveThruRPG?

There are two ways for royalty recipients to see reports of their sales directly from our servers.

The first way, allows recipients can run reports themselves. From the Account page, in the My Content Section, they choose Royalty Report.2.png

The resulting page gives the recipient the option to run a royalty report by a partner for a specified date range:


How can a partner run a royalty report for me on DriveThruRPG?

The second way to generate freelancer royalty reports is done by the publishing partner. Go to:

PUBLISH > ACCOUNTING > Freelancer/Licensor royalty tools

And choose "Run a Royalty Report"


On the resulting page, choose to run the report by recipient instead of by product, select the recipients and check the box to email a copy of the report to the recipient.


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