Publisher Promotion Points (PPP)

Publisher Promotion Points (PPP) are a virtual currency we use to fairly share promotional tools among all publishing partners. The best part of PPP is they're completely free to earn!

Around the first of each month, your partner account will be credited with a certain number of PPP according to the following formula:

10 (or 20 for exclusive partners only) + 1 per $10 gross margin (i.e., net sales after POD print costs) for the previous month

  • These monthly points are free.
  • Your PPP accumulate, so if you have some leftover at the end of the month they will remain in your account.
  • Many of the promotional partner tools in your Publisher Hub (under your Publish tab) "cost" a certain number of PPP to use. We have a limited, finite amount of some promotional resources, such as featured products and banners, so we use the PPP system as a means of fairly sharing those limited resources among all partners.
  • The PPP cost of promotional tools varies depending on how many other partners are also using that tool. The more in demand the tool, the higher the cost in PPP. If you find you do not have enough PPP in your partner account to use a tool, you might select a different promotional tool or wait until next month when more PPP accumulate into your account.

You can see your PPP reports here: Report PPP spent and received.

This tool lets you see the PPP that you have spent on promotional tools and the PPP you have received.

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