Card Printing FAQ: Printing, Print Costs & Shipping Costs

Where are your cards printed? And where are your plastic deckboxes manufactured?

Our cards are printed in (and shipped from) our print partner's facility in Kansas. We do not have an overseas-based card printer (like we do for books), so bear in mind the postage costs from the U.S. to other countries.

Our card stock is from German paper manufacturer Koehler. Our plastic deckboxes are manufactured in China. 

What does the printed card program cost?

The printing/shipping cost of a single proof + a bit of time to get the PDF prepped to specification for printing. (There are no additional set-up fees.)

Note: Ordering and reviewing a printed proof is required prior to placing any larger orders or activating for sale on site.

For card products sold on site, cards are printed and shipped directly to customers so you never invest in printed inventory that sits in a warehouse waiting to be shipped.

What are the printing costs?

Print costs are on a per/card basis. For larger partner orders, we also offer tiered volume pricing.

Card printing costs can be found in our "Printed Card Formats & Costs" article. Custom-printed tuckbox costs can be found in our "Packaging: Tuckboxes and Deckboxes" article. Or, go to our Card Print Cost Calculator.

What about shipping?

Cards are shipped in a box.

We charge a small packaging/handling fee ($2.00) plus standard USPS First-Class or UPS rates. For rough low-volume shipping estimates, please visit here.

For larger orders, you can get a more exact shipping cost estimate by loading your shopping cart with a card deck of similar size, changing the quantity, and selecting a shipping address. The shipping cost will be displayed prior to order completion. (So, don't check out completely using this method!)

Our printing operations is in Kansas. USPS shipping times are roughly 3-5 days (within the U.S.). We do offer expedited UPS shipping options (2nd Day Air and Next Day Air).

Warning: On shipments outside the United States, print-on-demand card orders may incur customs fees upon delivery.

Is there a deck size that doesn't fit your model?

Partners are able to offer small packs (10 cards), large decks (250 cards), and even single cards.

Decks larger than 250 cards, however, can be a bit problematic:

  1. If you're selling your deck on site, the printing cost necessitates the required sales price be a little higher and your profit margin a little leaner;
  2. Decks come wrapped in 1-inch cellophane bands. Our banding equipment cannot handle decks larger than 250 cards (so larger decks will be split up).

If your deck is larger than 250 cards, and it's possible to divide the set into two or three separate, but playable, decks or sets, you might consider that as an option.

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