Card Printing FAQ: Rules and Game Components

What about my rulebook?

We do not print rulebooks or rulesheets.

If the rules can fit on the front and back of a few playing cards, we recommend including the rules as part of the deck. If the rules are more extensive, partners prepare a separate PDF that a customer downloads for free from the respective product's page (via a "View Rulebook" link that appears under the cover image).

We have a couple of templates you can use (that allow for easy folding to smaller-than-card-size so the customer can fold up the rules and fit them inside a deckbox). Visit our "Specifications for Print Cards" article for more on preparing your PDF rulebook and for rules sheet templates (scroll to the bottom).

What if my card product requires additional components?

If a game requires other components (counters, maps, playing fields, score sheets, etc.), most partners include those as part of the rulebook as a print-n-play element (or include alternate ideas like pennies). If a game requires additional materials (like dice, for instance), it would just need to be spelled out in both the product description and the rules that players will need to supply their own dice.

For games that include custom tokens for which substitute components do not work well, we suggest including the tokens as extra cards in the deck. Two or four token images per card work well. Customers are not opposed to cutting a few cards into tokens.

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