Improving Your Partner Page

Your partner page is one of the main landing pages customers will visit when shopping for your products. It’s imperative that the information on this page is easy to understand and find. Use the recommendations below to bolster your partner page appearance.


Our site has both light and dark modes. We recommend choosing a color with a transparent background that looks good on both modes or creating a background that won’t change.


While a simple graphic, a logo sets you apart from other partners. You can upload a logo through the Partner account and payment settings tool. Logos should be 250 x 250 pixels maximum.

Product Line Categories / Subcategories

Your subcategories are a great way for customers to quickly find the product lines they like. Subcategory sizes should be 220 pixels width with a consistent height so that they line up.

You can choose the Sort Order for subcategories (we recommend choosing your top three most popular categories at the top) as well as change the graphic and activate/deactivate the subcategory through Manage Product Line Categories.

Transparent Example- Darrington Press


Background Example - Free League Publishing

2 (1).PNG

Title Sort Order

By default, customers see a custom sort order for your titles when they arrive on your partner page. In order to adjust the order in which these titles appear, you can change the “Sort priority” on the individual title’s page. A number with 0 will show at the top of your list and a number with 9999 would appear at the bottom of the list.

Product Descriptions

The best source document (that we continue to update) is our Creating Great Descriptions Article. We always recommend checking out the Hottest Sellers and getting inspiration from their listings.

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