Why is my POD title priced at $7,777.77?

This pricing situation occurs when you upload cover and interior files for a title and leave the web page without clicking "Click here after uploading your files". Pricing options are configured on the page the red box links to, and if they aren't configured our system will set a default price of $7777.77 to make it obvious they haven't been properly configured.


To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Publisher Hub (by clicking the Publish tab)
  2. Under Book Printing, use the Upload and manage printed book files tool
  3. Create a POD book using the exact same settings — when you are prompted to upload files, the previously-uploaded files will already be there.
  4. Click the red button, "Click here after uploading your files."
  5. Then, adjust your price as desired!
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